The   advantage   of   time   is   the   ability   to   prevent   unnecessary   loss   and   minimize   interruptions   of   business   continuity   by   using   our   Gauteng   Fire Detection Systems . An   automatic   fire   detection   and   alarm   system   generally   provides   a   network   of   manual   call   points,    fire   sensors   and   sounders   to   cover   the   specific area.  It allows one to constantly monitor the building and warn the occupants of a possible fire.   We offer: Analogue and Addressable Systems Conventional Systems Specialized Fire Detection and Suppression Systems We are your one-stop GAUTENG FIRE DETECTION service provider
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When   a   fire   disrupts   your   business   operations,   it   causes   substantial   and   unnecessary   financial   losses.      The   use   of   most   common   fire   fighting extinguishment   such   as   water,   foam   or   dry   chemical   agents   can   cause   greater   financial   loss   than   the   fire.      Often   the   loss   of   downtime   outweighs   the loss of equipment and structure. Therefore the importance of selecting the correct suppression systems is vitally important. We offer as a Gauteng Fire Suppression Service Provider the following types of Fire Suppression systems:   FM-200 FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM FM-200    Fire    Suppression    agent    doesn't    leave    behind    any    oily    residues,    particulates,    water,    or    corrosive materials,   and   does   not   cause   collateral   damage   to   valuable   property,   sensitive   electronics,   or   whatever   you need to protect. FM-200   does   not   deplete   stratospheric   ozone,   and   has   a   minimal   impact   on   the   environment,   especially   when compared to the impact of a minor fire. FM-200   Systems   reach   extinguishing   levels   in   10   seconds   or   less,   stopping   ordinary   combustible,   electrical and   flammable   liquid   fires,   before   they   cause   significant   damage.   When   fire   is   extinguished   this   quickly,   it means   less   damage,   lower   repair   costs,   and   extra   margin   of   safety   for   people.   It   also   means   less   downtime and disruption of business.
gauteng fire suppression
STAT-X Environmentally friendly - Ozone depletion potential  = 0 - No global warming potential Ease of installation - no pressure vessels, piping, or expensive installation manpower Very low maintenance Provides reliable, cost effective protection for a wide range of fire hazards Tested and listed to UL Standard 2127 Suitable for enclosed facilities and local applications Please see link for videos and specifications
gauteng fire detection
AUTO   FIRE   EXTINGUISHING   BALL A   revolutionary,   very   cost   effective   fire   extinguisher Puts   out   fires   automatically   and   within   seconds Environmentally   human,   pet   and   property   friendly As   it   has   a   five   year   shelf   life   span,   it   requires   no   maintenance,   checking   or   servicing Puts out all categories of fires Serves   as   a   fire   alarm   through   a   load   “bang”   which   is   emitted   when   the   pyrotechnic   detonator   is   activated   by   fuse   chords   located   on   the outside of   the   ball. Light   weight   and   can   be   used   by   elderly,   disabled   persons   and   children No need to get close to a fire to extinguish it - Simply roll the fire ball into a fire EASY   FIRE   OFF 1 . Latest   technology   on   the   market   2 . Designed   for   use   in   cars/trucks   and   narrow/confined   spaces   3 . Fully   patented   4 . Same   operational   action   as   AFO   5 . Safe   and   harmless   to   humans   and   pets   6 . Suppresses classes A, B and C fires 7 . Has   3   year   shelf   life   span   8 . Easy   to   install   and   waterproof   9 . Can   endure   high   temperatures   1 0 . Lightweight     240   g   1 1 . Consist of high quality NANO dry powder We are your one-stop GAUTENG FIRE SUPPRESSION service provider
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